Knowledge workflows reimagined.

Empower your employees and customers to access, share, and leverage knowledge workflows like never before.


What we do

Effortlessly find the right information within seconds, not minutes.

Effortlessly manage interactions

Bonsai is an AI-powered tool made for automating knowledge workflows strategically and accurately.

Bonsai works 24/7
Providing Peace of Mind

Bonsai works day and night to make sure leads are captured & customers receive the right answer in real time. Whether Bonsai is solving customer issues head on or helping your team, you can expect efficiency.

Delivering the Best in Customer Satisfaction

Bonsai actively analyzes ticket history and learns with each ticket on how to deliver the best customer experience. Bonsai provides key insights into your ticket trends.

Smart Answers

Deliver Lightning Fast Responses

Bonsai answers common questions using your knowledge base articles or help desk templates, via email or web widget, which means customers get answers faster.

Business Messenger

Generate & Connect Directly to Leads

Connect directly with potential leads & customers. Our Business Messenger seamlessly blends into your existing website while providing powerful engagement.

Ticket Mangement

Powerful Tools.
All In One Platform.

Bonsai organizes all your different support channels into one platform & automated ticket triaging helps the ticket quickly reach the right agent.

Analytics & Automation

Gain Key Insights & Flexibility

Learn how the tickets you receive can help shape product roadmapping, improve operations, inform needs, and justify change.


The best features built for you

Revolutionize your customer engagement with Bonsai

Plug & Play Ready

Setup your account today within minutes

Ticket Management

All the best tools. One easy to use platform

API Integrations

Integrate with your CMS or existing ticket management solution

Powerful Automations

Get the most out of your service by setting up automated flows

Help Desk

Auto generated help desk page for easy access to KB

Business Messenger

Directly connect with potential leads & resolve tickets


Designed for tomorrow

Future proofed and ready to use out of the box, explore the power of Bonsai today! We are building a future where your customers can receive answers & resolve support ticket within seconds.

Elevate your Company

True Power Unleashed

Handle any Volume

AI Agents at your service

Get the best with Bonsai

For Businesses Across Industries & Size

Speak to a product specialist today to find out how Bonsai can help your business


Need help with capturing leads & resolving problems?

With Bonsai, every site visitor becomes a potential lead.

Don't have a designated customer support team? Bonsai has your back! Our fully autonomous AI Agents can handle your needs.


Solving both big and small issues accurately

Bonsai connects agents to each other and allows them to make use of the treasure your knowledge is.

Whether Bonsai is taking on issues head on  or helping your team answer them, you can expect accuracy.


Need help with customer support & sales questions?

With Bonsai, instantly solve customer questions and convert a potential lead.

Our fully autonomous AI Agents can handle your needs for sales, onboarding, and more.


Start your 30 day trial today!

 We're here to make you happy


Start your 30 day trial today!

 We're here to make you happy